Relax and take a break at the COOEE alpin Hotel Kitzbüheler Alpen

Rest & recharge your batteries

Anyone who lives an exhausting and demanding everyday life needs to relax from time to time. A holiday in the mountains and a lots of sporting activity in the fresh air is a good approach. St. Johann in Tyrol offers you perfect conditions and a wonderful natural setting where mind and soul can find peace of mind. Here you can either power yourself out or simply step down, depending on what you understand by time-out. Maybe you would like to live out your sporting activities during a relaxing holiday. Then all we can say is: Welcome to the COOEE alpin Hotel Kitzbüheler Alpen!

Although our hotel in St. Johann is not a classic wellness hotel, relaxation is still our top priority. Because nobody knows better than us how good a visit to a sauna followed by a rest period after a day full of activities is.

Wellbeing in the COOEE alpin RELAX area, relaxation in addition to nature

In the sauna you first have to sweat a lot, an aromatic infusion brings back the spirits of life. So you can find your inner balance again and your muscles can recover. Then half an hour in the recreation room with a fantastic view of the Kitzbühel Alps and you will feel reborn - that's what we mean by relaxation!

If you feel like it, you can also visit our fitness room. The most modern gym equipment makes the workout easier - practice this form of time-out whenever you feel like it.

Free admission to the Panorama Badewelt St. Johann - the special aspect of a relaxing holiday with the COOEE alpin Hotel Kitzbüheler Alpen

In addition, our guests can spend three hours a day relaxing in the Panorama Badewelt St. Johann and enjoy a huge range of amenities - free of charge, of course! This extra treat is included in the hotel price. So if you are looking for an addition to our hotel's COOEE alpin RELAX area, you can unfold to your heart's content and find varied relaxation there. Bathing, wellness, fitness, tennis - all this takes place in the Panorama Badewelt St. Johann on 38,000 m² in a charming park landscape. Fully recommendable for your holiday in the Kitzbühel Alps!